Scan As You Shop

Just a quick trip to the supermarket, we only needed a few essentials, we’d be in and out (who was I kidding!) I’ve used scan as you shop before and loved it, not only did you get to play shops scanning everything, you pack it as you go so no touching the same item 10 times – win:win.

I’d already said to the children that we were only getting the things on our list, no toys, books or other “tat” that we didn’t need. We got our scanning gun and off we went, they would scan one item each and take it in turns – genius! (I only had 3 children with me).

It was working a treat and we were actually getting around the supermarket really quickly, This was the new way to shop with children. They were so happy beeping items they didn’t have time to complain or run off. I was feeling quietly smug that we could do the supermarket during the summer holidays.

But in the blink of an eye it blew up, a complete meltdown because it was “my turn to scan”. They then got very possessive over the gun and food because “that’s my cheese”. That was it, I knew time was up, no more shopping it was time to pay and leave. When I’m distracted by children I do the most random shopping and get nothing useful but luckily we had just about finished.

No one needs unnecessary stress do they? I can confirm I will be shopping online or when the children are in bed and I get the gun to myself!

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