Babymoov Babyni Pop-up Play Area

We’re heading off on holiday in just over a week and to keep the mini dude safe on the beach and around the pool we bought a Babymoov Babyni pop-up play area. Babymoov Babyni

It’s is fantastic! It really does just pop up and is perfect for a little bod to play and sleep in. It comes in a light weight zip up bag with handle which will easily fit in the basket on a buggy so is easy to carry around.

The removable comfy mattress fixes securely to the base of the pen with Velcro straps and is soft and machine washable (great because you know there’ll be sick and poo!). It has a canopy, mosquito net and 3 detachable toys. The best bit, especially for in the garden or on the beach, it has a sun protection factor 50+ which you can easily zip on/off.

I like knowing Milo will be safe in the sun and not rolling off towards the sea! He can sit and eat his food and sleep in here quite happily. There’s enough room to put a snug seat in and extra toys to play with.

First impressions are that I really like it, but I’ll let you know how it holds up on our holiday!

The playpen retails at £59.99 but is currently on offer on Amazon for £42.29 (as at 16/08/17) Amazon.

What do you do with your little one on the beach to keep them safe and contained and not chomping on the sand?

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