When Do The Chocolate Buttons Come Out?

You’ve lovingly prepared purees and healthy meals giving your baby the best quality food and ingredients.  Avoiding sugars and all the sweet treats, but when do you introduce chocolate to your baby/child?

The official line is that no chocolate should be given to babies under 1 years old.  Once they reach 1 they can tolerate small amounts of white chocolate because it has less caffeine in however it’s high sugar content doesn’t really make it an ideal snack.

With my first child, I think he was two and a half before I even thought about giving him chocolate, he was perfectly happy with his dried fruit!  He had no idea that such things as chocolate even existed, so why rock the boat?  I have to be honest, as we have added children #2, #3, #4, #5 and now #6 I’m sure they had chocolate before my firstborn, purely because the others were having it (and lets be honest we’re a little bit more relaxed the more children we have!).

I think the time to introduce chocolate is when a child is old enough to be bribed with it, that’s when it has a use in my life, such as potty training!  White chocolate buttons were my tool of choice for potty training all of my children, and it really did work.  Whilst they were small enough for me to have control over what they ate, they saw chocolate and sweets as a treat or reward.

My oldest son doesn’t like chocolate, whether this has anything to do with the fact that he ate very little as a toddler, I don’t know, probably just a coincidence.  My middle son loves chocolate but won’t eat any gummy or chewy sweets, completely crazy!

When did you decide to give your children chocolate?

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