What’s For Dinner?

This has to be the most time consuming and challenging parts of my day – what to cook for dinner?  By the time everyone is home from school they are absolutely ravenous.  It can be hectic trying to prepare a half decent and healthy meal, and not just for my lot as normally we have at least one extra child round.  There’s only a very small window between getting in and chaos breaking out because of hunger.

I tried a meal planner for a few weeks and felt really organised knowing exactly what we were going to eat for the week and what I needed to buy.  Somehow though when it came to cooking it I never seemed to have the ingredients that I needed so I’d have a mad dash to the supermarket or I didn’t really fancy Tuesday’s spag bol!

I’m not a bad cook but I seem to be stuck in a rut of cooking the same things.  Now with Mr H previously being a chef, you’d think some of his culinary magic would have rubbed off on me.  I seem to look in the fridge, see what we have and then still have no idea what to cook, whereas he can rustle up something delicious from nothing!  I love the nights that he cooks.  I’ve become bored with food, well the food I cook.

I’m being inspired, so once a week I’m going to cook something new (a main and a pudding). There are thousands and thousands of recipes and so many exciting things to make and eat.  So armed with a new cookery book, I’m going to be organised, a least for one night of the week and I bet the children will refuse to eat it!

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