What To Buy?

So it’s nearly the end of term, present time for teachers!  Are you one of those parents that buys your child’s teacher and even Teaching Assistant a present?  With 5 children at school it can be an expensive time for us.  Admittedly it’s only the 3 younger children that will want to give presents but what do you get?

Over the years I think I have given a variety of things from handmade gifts to chocolate and gift vouchers.  I always try to give something that I would like to receive but after reading an article recently from the perspective of a teacher about gifts I am at a bit of a loss about what to get.

With a class of 30 children teachers must have hundreds of “Best Teacher” mugs and do they really want a drawing from your child? Although it can be fun to make things with your children, really it’s only family that want that kind of thing isn’t it?  So then there’s the edible things like chocolate, a homemade cake or some biscuits, but we’re not all Mary Berry are we.  Every teacher surely needs pens and notebooks, don’t they?!?

We must remember that it’s just a small gesture, to say “thank you!” for encouraging and teaching my child and it doesn’t need to be expensive.  So this year I think I’m going to be practical and hope that I get something which won’t go straight in the bin or be re-gifted – I’m going with alcohol!!!


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2 thoughts on “What To Buy?”

  1. I’ve no idea what to buy either?
    Maybe a nice plant?… I normally go for alcohol too, always puts a smile on the teachers face 😉

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