The Real Newborn Must Haves

As a mum of six children, I’ve bought an incredible amount of baby ‘stuff’ over the years, 80% of which I probably never used.  It’s easy to get caught up in the baby bubble (especially for first time mums) and buy anything and everything baby related, but the reality is that you won’t need or use even half of it!

These are some of the best things that I have used with all six of my children and that I think every mum should have.

Tomy First Years Starlight Dreamshow

We have bought a wide range of musical lights but this is by far the best.  Free standing or attached to the cot with soothing music and lightshow, adjustable timer for 5 or 10 minutes and not at all pricey, this has never failed to settle our children.  As our babies have got older and woken up they have turned the music on and resettled themselves.

Chamolmilla 6c Pilules

Is there anything worse than seeing a baby cry in pain because of teething?  Chamolmilla pilules are amazing and provide natural pain relief and comfort for not only teething but also colicky pains and disturbed sleep.  These can be used from 3 months old and are little balls of magic!  In a small, easy to use container they are perfect for keeping in your bag so you never have to be without them.


Sleeping Bags

All of our babies have loved being swaddled and as soon as they wanted a little bit more freedom we’ve used a sleeping bag.  They are always snuggled, don’t kick off the covers or wake because they are cold and they have the comfort of something around them. With different togs and designs available you can use sleeping bags all year round.  I’ve just bought a beautiful duck patterned bag from Marks & Spencer.


Infrared Thermometer

This is a must for any parent, babies pick up germs and get ill, FACT.  In the past I’ve always kissed my baby’s head and that told me whether they felt hot and had a temperature or not (not the most accurate, I know).  An infrared thermometer is quick, accurate and you don’t even have to touch the skin, so there’s no need to wake a sleeping baby!  Plus it makes you feel very important, and Doctor like.


What are your newborn must have’s?

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