The Joy of A Teenager

Teenager – A child aged between 13-19 (basically a number ending in “teen”)  that’s the definition, but what it doesn’t say is how joyful a teenager can be to be around.  We’re warned about the terrible 2’s, it’s almost as if a switch is flicked when it starts but no one tells you about the fiesty 5’s, hormonal 8’s and obstinate 10’s and I don’t know where to start with teenagers and we’re lucky to have 2 in our house!

In a lot of ways, it’s great; they can make you a cup of tea, even cook a meal, help around the house, are great company and independent.  The flip side; they live in their room and only come out for food, they leave cups and plates in random places with food to fester away on, they normally have a phone permanently fixed to their hands, they communicate in grunts and groans or texts and they never want to come out with you anymore.  The last one is probably the one I struggle with the most.  Although dragging a grumpy teenager along is no fun for anyone, I have to be honest, I have done it!

But fear not, I have discovered the secret to getting your teenager to come out with you; FOOD.  The amount of food that a teenager can consume is ridiculous.  I’m talking finishing dinner and pudding and then half an hour later hungry again, always in the pantry looking for food and eating twice as much as a grown adult.

I cannot tell you the number of sighs and groans I get when we say we’re going out but today, on the promise of fish and chips and ice cream at the coast we all headed out of the door happy.


I’m pretty confident that food is not going to get my teenagers out of the door all the time, but I’ll take it as a win whilst it does.

And just in case you wondered, the best thing about having teenagers is they SLEEP, lots!

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