The 3.15 Hunger Hysteria

What happens to children between picking them up from school until teatime up is mind numbing.  The amount of times I hear “I’m hungry” and “what can I have to eat between 3.15 and 5.00 pm is unbelievable.  They come out of school absolutely ravenous.

I always take a snack for the journey home to try and avoid the hungry hysteria but just recently nothing seems to fill the gap between school pick up and tea.  Sausage rolls, fruit, fruit strings, yoghurts, biscuits, breadsticks, cheese nibbles and so much more.  There are however snacks that you just don’t want the children to eat in the car because they are so messy – puff pastry and croissants, there are some places that even the hoover can’t reach in a car and it’s enough of a mess already.

There is a fine line between a snack and a small meal.  If you cross over this line, you then enter into battle territory over eating tea because they are in fact, “not that hungry now” and that is infuriating.

Is there a happy medium of a satisfied but not full belly to bridge the gap between after school and tea?  I have yet to find it and quite often have hungry meltdowns because I just can’t cook tea quick enough and I won’t let them have another snack.  I get sick of the sound of my own voice saying “no, it’s nearly teatime”.  If we eat earlier then they are hungry again before bedtime and that opens up a whole other situation involving more snacks.  Eating later means we literally eat and then start the bedtime routine, oh the fun of teatime!

Throw into the mix a couple of children at after school clubs or evening football training and the whole thing blows up, you can’t after all cook everything in a slow cooker (can you?).

Some days I get it right but most days I just dance with the delightful hungry, hysterical and tired children and pray that 5 o’clock comes quickly.

What are your after school snacks? and are you lunch and dinner or dinner and tea?



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