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Me and Mr H are seriously outnumbered by our children and when we go out we really do have to have eyes everywhere.  I have been known to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to check we have everyone before leaving! Back to the real world of packed lunches, school run and house work I sat thinking about our holiday.

We had our own villa and pool which was perfect, however it was far from “baby friendly” so with a 10 month old rolling around everywhere we were on constant watch to keep him safe.  There were hard marble floors (great for speed army crawling), doors leading out on to balconies, steps and high drops leading down to the pool. We had to make sure that there was always someone with Milo to keep him safe, obviously we do this at home but there are places where we can leave him at home (jumperoo, play pen) where he’s safe.

Mr H is a very hands-on Dad and I very rarely have to parent glare at him (yes it’s a real thing) to get him to help out.  We have this unspoken arrangement where we tag-team parent. We naturally share the parenting of all the children, sometimes he’d be with the younger ones whilst I was occupied with the older ones and vice verse. This just happens, no discussion, we just do.  Not just when we’re out and about but in everyday life.

If I’m doing school pick up and Mr H comes home from work, he’ll start preparing tea (no I’m not organised enough to have already done it!) We share football training duties and taxi-ing the children to friends, we alternate putting the children to bed and reading books, we definitely share the parenting responsibilities and I have to be honest some things he does better than me!

I think this is the secret to our 22 year partnership, surviving six children, being completely outnumbered and still being relatively sane.  I am only one person, with one set of hands and I can only be stretched so far but with Mr H around and our tag-team style parenting we get to share the best (and worst) of all of our six children and keep our sanity at the same time.

What’s the parenting balance like in your house?

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