Please, Stop Talking! 

From the day our children are born we are talking to them, making eye contact and bombarding them with sounds just waiting for them to speak.  I spend a large part of my day saying “mumma” and “dadda” encouraging my 8 month old to mimick me and say my name, just once.  I can’t wait to hear my name spoken in his soft baby voice!

Now fast forward a few years (in the form of my other children) and some days I would just love, for just 5 minutes, not to hear my name on a continuous loop.  Not just in a normal voice either, it gets higher and more whingy and high pitched the more it’s said especially when you don’t answer.  The thing is, there’s no time to answer between each “mum!”.  As annoying as this is, you’re the provider and protector so of course it’s your name they call (I must remember this next time I want to scream, “stop saying my name”).

One thing we’re not short of in our house is noise! With 8 people bumbling around the only time you’ll get some peace is when people are eating.  I quite often watch the tv not being able to hear a single word as someone is chatting alongside it!

But it got me thinking, once children can speak we’re telling them to “sssshhh” or “be quiet” which seems slightly ironic. School is great for many things but children have to sit still and be quiet a lot of the time. Rightly so, but they’ve not long learnt to walk/run and now they have to sit still?… and there’s so much to talk about.

It good to talk, who doesn’t love a good gossip with a friend and there are many health benefits too.  I must remember this the next time I can’t hear myself think because of the the children’s “noise”!  And lets not forget the time will come when there is no more noise.

Author: Allabouthurr

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