It’s Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day –  for me that means a guaranteed lie in, breakfast in bed and not having to cook lunch or tea.  It’s a day where I get to be looked after by my children.  When the children were younger it was Mr H who had to do the looking after but now our children are older, they love being ‘mum’.  It’s fun for them I suppose, because it is just for the day, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be so keen if they had to do it regularly.

For me, it’s a welcome guilt free break from the day to day responsibilities of being not just a mum, but also an adult.  Life is crazy at times and is unbelievably fast, it’s easy to forget that you need time to stop and recharge so you can function.  In our house weekends are busy with football matches and being chauffeur to teenage social lives, with very little time to actually stop.  I’m not complaining, I love my busy (sometimes chaotic) life and wouldn’t want it any other way.

The new trend this year is all about self care, mindfulness, meditation and being happy on the inside.  The feel good stuff, that makes so much sense when you’re reading it but (for me) soon wears off.

How many times have you heard how important it is to look after yourself? after all you cannot pour from an empty glass! Little guilt free moments of kindness to yourself can make a huge difference to your mental and physical wellbeing. Like taking a relaxing bath instead of a quick shower to soak your tired body.  Getting a takeaway one night instead of having to cook dinner.  Taking your friend up on her offer to look after the children whilst you nap, read or just do nothing because how many times have you actually said “no, it’s ok”?!?  Clicking online so you don’t have to drag reluctant toddlers or children around the shops.  Following the children to bed and reading a book or catching up on some sleep!

Simply things, that can make it feel a tiny bit like Mother’s Day every day (because wouldn’t that be a treat?!?) and that we don’t feel guilty about. Mum guilt plays a massive part in my life from what food I give my children to eat every day to do I do enough with them, we don’t need anything else to make us feel guilty about.  I’m pretty sure I never read anything about mum guilt in the baby books!  Once a week I go to an adult choir (oh yes indeed, think Glee not Songs of Praise) which means that Mr H puts the children to bed and I just go.  There’s no guilt, the children are with their Dad and I sing my little heart out!

Some days I feel like Wonder Woman and can take on the world, other’s I’m more of an Elsa and just need to “let it go” and make things simply.  If the only way I’m going to get to drink a hot drink is by stopping at Costa when I’m doing the shopping, then mine’s a hot chocolate thanks!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!


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