I blinked….

We’ve all said “how time flies” and how the weeks turn into months, suddenly we are nearly into August!  But today I was completely smacked in the face by how fast time has passed.  I was asked by my oldest daughter whether she could get her eyebrows tinted and then by my middle daughter if she could shave her legs!  When did that happen

At times it seems that day to day life is endless and things are never ending but before you know it here you are with children old enough to want to colour their hair and make their own plans with friends and you just being the taxi!

I will never forget when I was out shopping not long after the arrival of my first child.  I was exhausted, the nights were endless and I’d just been hit with the new mum train.  I was in a lift and a lady said to me “enjoy him, it will be gone in a flash”.  I remember thinking she has got to be joking, the days are so long and it felt like it was always going to be like that.  This year my “baby” turns 15!

Moments like today force me to remember that in fact the lady was right, and that I need to get another razor!

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