Holiday Packing for 8

We’re heading off on our holiday this week and I have to be honest, I haven’t actually started packing yet.  Since the start of the summer holidays I’ve been saying the same thing “I’ll start tomorrow” but it just hasn’t happened.  A bit like the ironing board that has been up in the utility room for weeks waiting for me to do some ironing; I’m not an ironer and things tend to disappear into the basket and when I do get around to ironing them, the children have usually grown out of them.

In my head I have lists of things that I need to buy and pack and I think that makes me feel organised, although I’m not sure how!?!  The older children can pack their own things and I make a list for the younger ones with what they need and they make piles.  I then check through and pack with them so they feel that they are helping.

Children are wonderfully helpful with packing, the suitcases come out and random things begin to pile in; 30 books, toys that they haven’t played with in months but just can’t live without, ornaments from their bedroom, 15 giant teddies, all the useful things they think they are going to need!  No clothes or underwear just a suitcase full of toys, so I usually pack whilst they are at school.   I think that’s why I’m not very organised because it’s the holidays!

Lets be honest, what do we really need?  We’re going to Menorca, not the other side of the world, we will be able to buy things at the local supermarket if we’ve not got them.  It’s really only things for Milo that I am worrying about; baby milk, sterilising tablets, nappies and wipes.  I probably don’t even need to take these, but for my peace of mind, I am.  His skin is very sensitive and he’s had bad reactions to different nappies and wipes so I don’t want to chance it.

I’m also taking one of the powdered baby food boxes, because a hungry baby is an unhappy baby, just add boiling water and job done, it weighs nothing and takes up no room! There also the pop-up play area, sun protective swim suits, swimming nappies, baby sun lotion, the list goes on (can you see why I haven’t packed yet?!)

I bought colouring and activity books for the flight to keep the children occupied and they got them out of their bags and have already started doing them, so I think last minute packing the day before is the way forward.  Mr H will do his usual pack the night before, minimum things in the tiniest bag we have (I really don’t know how he does it) and if I’m lucky I’ll remember a few things for myself.   What we haven’t got we will undoubtedly buy for 5 times the price we would pay at home but we will be on HOLIDAY!

Does anyone else feel the thought of going away is so much nicer than the reality?


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