Everyone Needs Mum Mates

When you are a child at school you often have no choice about who your friends are, especially if you are in a small school. However by the time you reach the ripe old age of adulthood you are in charge about who is in your life, you chose your friends . You don’t have to be friends with anyone you don’t want to be and doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

Once you become a parent your friendships naturally change. You are moving in different circles now, all the cool ones, you know the baby and toddler groups, music and play and soft play areas. I’ve made some great friends along my parenting journey that include lifelong friends, people I’ve worked with, toddler group mums and school playground mums.

Other mum friends make parenting a little bit easier for a number of reasons:-

We are all in the same boat. Only a parent can appreciate the tiredness and the joy that children bring. Having children of similar ages it’s great to have someone to share the wins and fails with and know that you’re not alone and doing ok at this mum thing.

– No Judging. Real friends don’t judge you when you’ve reached your limit with your grumpy toddler, they play with them and distract them and give you a moment to regain your sanity to carry on. Your house can look like it’s been robbed and they won’t bat an eyelid, they’ll just move the rubbish and sit down.

– They Understand. We’ve all had to deal with the tantrum in the supermarket or school playground, it doesn’t mean you have a naughty child or you’re a bad mum, it’s just parenting. We’ve all been there. A real friend will take the crying baby from you and cuddle when you’re so sleep deprived you can’t think straight without even being asked.

– Adult conversation. Yes children are wonderful and great fun to be around but adult conversation is wonderful, a break from play dough and CBeebies. Sometimes all you want is to talk to another adult about adult things. Is there anything nicer than a cup of tea with a mate?!?

So to all the ladies in my life, thank you for the friendship, listening ear, giggles and tissues to wipe away the tears over copious amounts of tea and cake – I value and respect each and everyone of you and look forward to the next cuppa! Xx

Author: Allabouthurr

A thirty something mum of six mini humans and wife of one bumbling along in the world of parenting. Follow our ramblings on life as a larger family.

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