Back To School Resolutions

The summer holidays are well and truly over and normal business is resumed. Every new school year I promise myself I’ll be more organised and be a better mum so this year I decided to make some resolutions.

Like resolutions I’ve made in the past, I’m not sure they’ll last but it’s the thought that counts isn’t it?!

-Laugh more
-Shout less
-Tell them I’m proud
-Give an extra kiss
-Read more books together
-Try to say “yes” instead of “in a minute” more-Meal plan
-Accept that families argue
-Stress less
-Try and drink hot tea
-Be thankful
-Use my expensive make up
-Eat less
-Move more
-Bed hair, don’t care
-Don’t fuss about untidiness
-Spend time snuggled in blankets watching the stars
-Embrace the sand instead of sitting on the stones
-Get uniform out the night before
-Be the mum that rocks!

Author: Allabouthurr

A thirty something mum of six mini humans and wife of one bumbling along in the world of parenting. Follow our ramblings on life as a larger family.

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