A Little Bit Lost

The children are all back at school and slowly we are getting back into a routine of the fun things again, packed lunches, school run and homework.  It’s bitter sweet because it’s nice to have a bit more structure to the week but to be honest, I’ve been completely lost without them.

Looking back over our summer holidays, it was probably the best one we’ve had since our first born started school 10 years ago.  We had days out, days at home, days doing nothing and crazy days.  Mr H was off for 4 weeks of the holidays as he’s fractured his back, and it was wonderful (him being off not fracturing his back!).  We had precious one-one time with each of the children and crazy fun family time together.   Late nights, lazy mornings and no clock watching!

Yes, I have a baby to look after and 101 things that I should be doing, the house should be sparkling, but somehow I am feeling just a little bit lost.  I feel as anxious and sad about them all going to school as I did on their first day!  I’m back to trying to ask the right questions to find out what they’ve been up to at school and the older ones are bogged down with homework when they get home.

I know that this will all become ‘normal’ life again in a flash, but for now it’s a really strange place to be.

Am I the only crazy in the bunch or does anyone else feel in no man’s land?





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