Am I Too Old For Topshop?

On a recent shopping trip with my teenage daughter we ended up in Topshop, she was happily collecting clothes like flowers and it suddenly dawned on me that maybe I was too old to shop in Topshop!

The fact that my daughter picked up the same t-shirt as me did give me a slap in the face at reality but when do you become too old to buy clothes from certain shops? I guess if my daughter wasn’t buying clothes from Topshop then this wouldn’t have even occurred to me.  I’ve seen old and young people in Superdry hoodies and that’s ok, isn’t it?

There are certain shops that seem to cater for all ages like my faithful friend Joules, I think at one point my nanny, mum and me were wearing clothes from there. Although I did spot Mary Berry wearing the same top as me on an episode of the Bake Off, I sold it on EBay!

There is a very blurred line between what age is appropriate to wear a certain style of clothing. Some people, regardless of their age, can just wear anything. Years ago M&S was my nanny’s shop but today even Holly Willoughby wears their dresses.

Me and my daughter have very different tastes in clothes and only occasionally agree on clothes so I think we could both shop in the same shop happily but it’s got me thinking maybe I shouldn’t be. Maybe I should stick to the “Mom” jeans and let my daughter take the Topshop baton.   What if one of my daughter’s friends came round and had the same top on as me, would that make me cool or embarrassing?

I am a thirty something mum of six, is it worse to dress older or younger than I am? I’m struggling to find the middle!

Author: Allabouthurr

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