The Fun Bus

Our family car, well mini bus I guess, our trustee 9 seater – The Fun Bus! This is how we travel around as a family of 8, and I have to be honest, I couldn’t love it more.

We’d always had a 7 seater which yes gives you the physical space for bottoms, but actually there is no extra space for bags, buggies and those ever growing legs. Whilst the children were toddlers there was no problem putting them in the back seats as they didn’t need any leg room, but once they hit 5/6 years old we struggled for space.

It was a blessing (although not actually at the the time) when our trustee S-Max died. I had been telling Mr H that we could do with a bigger car for a while but finances didn’t stretch that far at the time.

Mr H found our new car, the Ford Tourneo and it instantly made life so much easier. It has 9 individual seats which means that no arms or legs touch so no one shouts “she touched me”, well not as much anyway.  It has armrests, air vents above each seat, sliding doors, loads of space and plenty of leg room. The best bit – the boot! It is enormous and I don’t even have to fold the buggy up to put it in, I just lift in it!  I cannot tell you how much easier this makes my life.


The downside, parking. The height restrictions in car parks means that we can’t get in all car parks so we have to check the height limit first. We always try and park in a parent and toddler car parking space to give us the most room at the supermarket.

And so the Fun Bus was born, yes it really is a bus full of fun! The children love it, no one seems to be embarrassed by it (yet!). It’s taken us on many road trips, ferried children to parties, and we always have plenty of seats for extra children to come round after school!

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