Is There Such A Thing As The Perfect Fit?

I am a pear shape and always have been.  Finding jeans to fit my small waist and big hips has never been easy.  My waist and hips are different sizes meaning that I have to either wear a belt to pull the excess waist in or go down a size making them skin tight on my legs, neither of which are comfortable or very flattering.

With every pregnancy the shape of my body has changed even more and I haven’t actually worn a pair of jeans that fit properly since before having my first child.  My hips have always been my stumbling block when it comes to trousers.

Buying jeans isn’t the easiest thing to do either with lots of different cuts, washes and sizes.  High waist, low rise, high rise, midi fit, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, slouch and then there’s jeggings, it’s exhausting!  I’ve bought a ridiculous amount of jeans ranging from expensive designer brands right through to cheap and cheerful ones and have over 15 pairs in my wardrobe, but not one pair that ‘fit’.

Whenever I’m out and about I always have a ‘quick’ look (is there such a thing!?!) to see if I can find the perfect pair.  Apparently, I’m not alone, 40% of woman struggle to find the perfect jeans and research has shown that there is a tried and tested, fail safe to find the elusive jeans – it’s all about what body shape you are.  So here it is, according to the experts:-


If you have a boyish shape you can wear most styles and can add some shape and interest with zips and details on back pockets.



Women with apple body shapes, which are larger across their mid-section, typically with slimmer legs, should look for plenty of stretch in a straight leg in a dark wash as they complement every curve.  You should also opt for elasticated waistbands.

Pear -Shaped

Pear-shaped women have a smaller top half than bottom and boast fuller hips and a shapely lower half, should opt for high-waisted jeans.  Skinny jeans in a high waisted style – it elongates the leg and slims down the hip.


Long Legs/Petite

Ladies with long legs look best in a mid to low rise to keep the waist at the right height, whereas petite girls look great in a high rise that accentuates the waist and elongates the legs.

Also if jeans go on easily, go down a size.  The waistband should be snug, if you can fit two fingers down the back that’s good, a whole hand is not.  Does that not make a muffin top though?!

So there you have it, we should all have the perfect jeans if we follow those simple rules!  The only problem with that is unfortunately I’m not the “perfect” pear shape, which creates another bunch of issues – seriously!?!  The search will continue……

Do you have a style of jeans that suit your shape? or are you like me and make do with ones that are too big or too small?





Buried In Clothes

One thing about having a large family is the amount of clothing that we have floating around. Not just waiting to be washed or put away but also clothes that children have grown out of.

I find doing the washing really satisfying and am quite organised, but tend to shuffle piles of clean washing around for a few days before actually putting it away. I start with good intentions. I get up and sort the clothes on my bed ready to put away and then seem to forget all about them! They’re still there when I go to get in bed, I move them back on to the floor and repeat this for a few days usually until someone asks for a clean school t-shirt!

It’s the clothes that the children have grown out of that is the problem.  It’s a full time job keeping their wardrobes sorted out.  Children grow so quickly out of clothes, nothing seems to get worn so the clothes are still in great condition.  I keep anything that can be used again for younger children, and that’s a lot of clothes!

We are drowning in clothes; we have bin bags in the garage, piles of clothes in the bottom of wardrobes, bags of clothes that we have no one to grow into, clothes which I have no use for but just can’t bring myself to part with and clothes that I’m going to be creative with and turn into something else!


So now I’m on a mission to completely cull the clothes in our house. I am going to donate, sell and re-home anything that isn’t being worn. I’ve put some of the designer clothes on Ebay to make a little bit of money (to buy more!) and this is great, if you can be bothered to package and post the clothes.  Car boots are great as well but I find that I buy just as much as I sell and the weather’s not that great at the moment.

Having a good clear out is very therapeutic and it’s always great to clear a bit of space with an ever expanding family isn’t it.  What do you do with clothes that your children have outgrown?

Car Boot Bargains!

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like to get a bargain and I have to confess that I am a secret car boot lover.  This time of year is car boot season and I love nothing better than a trot around a packed field full of car booters and their wares at the weekend.

You never know what you are going to find and half the time you don’t even know you needed or wanted it until you’ve found it!  Think of it as Ebay without the postage and packaging costs.

Now, I am quite a snobby car booter, I only buy good quality things in excellent condition (because why would you not) but believe me there are people who sell things that are only fit for the bin! I usually suss out the seller,  you can instantly tell what sort of things people will be selling and whether you want to buy them from first impressions.

So I thought I would share with you my best bargains from this weekend.  This is probably my favourite find – A brand new Boden dress for £4!  I’ve got a Christening to go to in October and this will be perfect.


Baby clothes are also great on a car boot (if you find a decent stall) as they are barely worn, so practically brand new.  We all know how quickly baby’s grow.  I normally find more girls clothes than boys, but you only need one good stall to find some lovely things.

I paid £1 for the Cath Kidston top and £0.20p for the John Lewis dungarees – Bargains!

I love reading, and there are always books to buy from as little as £0.10p each, as well as children’s books galore.


I paid £0.30p each for the children’s books.

BE WARNED – It can be a dangerous place to take your children -you will end up with more toys and soft toys in your house as they seem to be magnets to them and sometimes they even want to buy things you already have at home!

Mini Medley

I wanted to share with you this little gem of handmade clothing I’ve found.  Based on the South Coast of the UK, bright and bold bespoke handmade clothes created in a shabby chic caravan – Mavis (cool right?).

There are no gender specific clothes, quite simply if you like it, you can wear it.  With bright prints and unique designs it really is a collection of beautiful clothing.

I bought this gorgeous rainbow fan jumper for Milo and it really is beautiful.  There are matching harem dungarees in the current collection too which I’ve got my eyes on!  The service is exceptional with a personal touch and the quality of the clothing is very high, but the price is very reasonable.  There was a quick turnaround on my order and the packaging was excellent.

It’s unique so you won’t find everyone in it, which I think makes is even more special.

Milo gets some wonderful compliments when he’s wearing this.

The fabric used is soft GOTS certified organic fabric, sourced from America and Europe and a much better quality than you’d find in the high street children’s clothing shops. It  washes well without shrinking or fading, which is a must considering how many times you wash children’s clothes!

My favourite piece in the collection at the moment are these hareem dungarees.

mini medley

and this I’m hoping is going to make a return……….


bright top

So if you are looking for something a little bit special and unique for your baby or child then take a look at this wonderful collection at Mini Medley .

This is a personal blog. All opinions expressed here are my own and no one else’s.


Am I Too Old For Topshop?

On a recent shopping trip with my teenage daughter we ended up in Topshop, she was happily collecting clothes like flowers and it suddenly dawned on me that maybe I was too old to shop in Topshop!

The fact that my daughter picked up the same t-shirt as me did give me a slap in the face at reality but when do you become too old to buy clothes from certain shops? I guess if my daughter wasn’t buying clothes from Topshop then this wouldn’t have even occurred to me.  I’ve seen old and young people in Superdry hoodies and that’s ok, isn’t it?

There are certain shops that seem to cater for all ages like my faithful friend Joules, I think at one point my nanny, mum and me were wearing clothes from there. Although I did spot Mary Berry wearing the same top as me on an episode of the Bake Off, I sold it on EBay!

There is a very blurred line between what age is appropriate to wear a certain style of clothing. Some people, regardless of their age, can just wear anything. Years ago M&S was my nanny’s shop but today even Holly Willoughby wears their dresses.

Me and my daughter have very different tastes in clothes and only occasionally agree on clothes so I think we could both shop in the same shop happily but it’s got me thinking maybe I shouldn’t be. Maybe I should stick to the “Mom” jeans and let my daughter take the Topshop baton.   What if one of my daughter’s friends came round and had the same top on as me, would that make me cool or embarrassing?

I am a thirty something mum of six, is it worse to dress older or younger than I am? I’m struggling to find the middle!