What do you do without a vehicle (and it’s half term!)

When our faithful family fun bus (aka Ford Tourneo Transit) decided to die on us my heart sank.  5 days until the children finished school for Easter and there was no way I wanted to be without a car for half term!

Well we’ve now been without the fun bus for nearly 2 weeks, and I can tell you, it’s no fun.  With the horrible, cold, rainy weather over the Easter weekend it was fine to not be able to go out anywhere.  We managed a few walks to just get some fresh air, and no one was really bothered about doing anything more.  However now nearing the end of the first week of half term, I can tell you that I am really not loving the fact that we cannot all go out together.

There’s been a few trips with Mr H taking his van and me taking our Clio, but that still means that we have to leave someone (it’s always the oldest) at home.  Most of the time he wouldn’t have wanted to come with us anyway but we did have a few family meet ups and days out which we’ve had to cancel.  We’ve

Why is it when you don’t have the means to go out, you want to go out all the more?  I love being at home, as do the children, we’ve done crafts, built dens, had picnics, watched films and walked to the park but there are jobs that need to be done out of the house.

So today is Happy Thursday – according to Mr H – he woke up with a real spring in his step and decided that today we would clear out the garages, make lists and get rid of ‘stuff’.  I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have done that if we’d had the fun bus, so I guess there are some pluses to not being able to go out.   I’m not really sure what the fun bit is yet though, I seem to have just made more piles of ‘stuff’ which need sorting out!

I really hope that we have the bus back before the weekend, because I’m not sure I’m ready for a Happy Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!

What do you do when you can’t get out and about?

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