What A Difference 5 Make!

There’s a huge difference between the mum I was with my 1st baby and the mum I am with my 6th.  I hadn’t even held a baby until I held my own and to be honest I had absolutely no idea what I was doing!

It’s a learning on the job type of gig and a quick one at that and now I have 6 babies I have grown in confidence and some days actually think I have some idea of what I’m doing.  Equally other days, absolutely no idea!

Obviously it’s different every time you add a child into your family, and your triumphs/hiccups will change the way you are with the next one as well as circumstances.

A few differences from the 1st to the 6th:-

  • Designer clothes – Sleepsuits for at least the first 3 months

Unless you’re lucky enough to be given things for your 1st baby then you will have to buy them.  First size outfits with shirts and trousers, jackets and cashmere jumpers (that will shrink after the first wash, which will be 30 seconds after you’ve put it on!).  Sleepsuits are the way forward  (and surely more comfortable) and look great with a cardigan or jumper over the top.  Keeping my baby in sleepsuits somehow made the baby days longer, nothing ages a baby more than jeans!

  • Shoes immediately – Not before they’re actually needed

Baby shoes are the cutest thing ever, so why would you not want to buy several pairs!?!  They actually serve no practical purpose and quite quickly become a complete pain when they are kicked off every 30 seconds.

  • Regular nap times – Naps on the move

Once you have more than one child, life is never going to be quite the same again.  You will have a routine of playgroups, mother & toddler groups, music groups and life which will mean that subsequent children will just get dragged around wherever, whenever and will sleep on the move.

  • Playgroups – Friends houses for tea.

Once you’re a mum you will move in different circles and your social life will become the groups you go to.  Once you have met your mum friends you skip the groups and have cuppas at each others houses, once you all have 2 or 3 children you have your own group!

  • Everything is New – Ebay is your best friend.

I never even considered buying second hand for my 1st baby, but today Ebay is my new best-friend.  I wouldn’t have been able to feed my love of buggy’s if not for the bargains on-line!

  • Everything is sterilised to within an inch of it’s life – 5 second rule

The fear of passing germs onto your baby makes you sterilise everything even if you so much as sneeze in the same room as it.  Compared to living life according to the 5 second rule.  A dummy falls on the floor, you pop it in your mouth and give it back to your baby.

  • Everything is washed and ironed – Just being clean is enough

Everything is washed before it’s worn, ironed and put away perfectly.  Compared to buying new clothes that have already been ironed so you don’t have to do it.  Clothes being clean and dry is a bonus.

  • Eager for the next stage – Enjoying the fact they can’t move

Won’t it be great when he can sit up, or crawl, or run!  Always eager for the next stage of development.  Compared to relishing the fact that they stay where you put them and they don’t move, these stages are so short lived and should be treasured before they’re gone.

  • 24 weeks, 3 days and 10 hours pregnant – How many weeks?

From knowing exactly how many hours pregnant you are to having such a busy life you have to think and sometimes even check how many weeks you are.


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