The Preparation Has Begun!

It was around this time last year that I had just finished our Christmas shopping.  Lets be clear this was only because of the timing of the arrival of #6, there was no way I was going to be worrying about Christmas presents after having a baby.  I wanted to be at home, snuggled with my new addition so I got my bum in gear and by the end of October everything was wrapped and ready!

I don’t think for a minute that I am going to be that organised again this year, as I don’t have the same drive (or finances!) but I have to admit that I am feeling quite smug after a shopping trip today.

My eldest has a massive make-up addiction and is contantly showing me new products that she just must have!  Now I blame myself for her expensive taste as I told her right from the begining of her new found love never to buy cheap make-up, always buy a good quality products that are kind to your skin.  My mum used to work as a make-up consultant for Estee Lauder when she was younger so she taught me the value of good quality make-up and I felt that this was worth passing on!  Financially I don’t think I thought this through.

As the mum of 3 girls, this could potentially be very expensive.   Ok, my younger 2 aren’t old enough to worry about make-up other than a little bit of tinted lip balm but my eldest is completely obsessed with all the high end brands and last year she discovered Cosmetic Advent Calenders. We were however a bit late to the party and everywhere had sold out, so this year I’m on it.

They range from the quite reasonable £15 to the totally ridiculous £300 and beyond. It seems everyone is jumping on the wagon now with M & S offering a make-up and skin care calendar for £35 (available from 9th Nov), John Lewis have one which contains both full and travel sized products for £149 (available now), Charlotte Tilbury offers one for £150 (available in stores from 5th Oct) and Jo Malone has one (exclusive to Harrods from Nov) for £300.

Some of the best ones I’ve found have to be the Benefit calendar (exclusive to Debenhams) for £34.50 (available from 11th Nov) and my favourite Decleor which offer 3 full sized products inside for £65 (available now).


My oldest daughter would love any of these but the main problem I have (aside from the price!) is that half the products in them she wouldn’t need. Anti-wrinkle cream for a 13 year old? Night cream? And they’re not suitable for my younger girls.

But, I found this lovely calendar in Superdrug, which is perfect for younger girls. It’s has 6 mini lip glosses, 6 mini nail polishes, 6 mini eye shadows and 6 lip and cheek tints, and it’s on offer (as at 24/09/17) for £8 instead of £16! Perfect, it’s not massively expensive, doesn’t have inappropriate make-up in and they will feel “all grown up” for having make-up.


For my older daughter, I’m going to make my own calendar for her, that way I know she is getting the products she will actually use/want and it (hopefully) won’t cost the earth. I’m going to be cheeky and ask at make-up counters for any testers and put in make-up remover, blenders and cotton wool pads – A win, I think!


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