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Whilst I like to think of myself as quite trendy (does anyone even say trendy anymore!?) I like shopping and try to keep up to date with fashion, just lately I’ve just not been feeling it.  On a recent school run the children were singing and chatting (arguing and pushing) and they started singing ‘who am I’ (apparently it’s a real song!) and my daughter started to say who I was.

She’s 37, she has her hair tied up, she doesn’t wear make-up ( I do, but not regularly or enough for anyone to really notice) and then she said, and she’s not that fancy – WHAT? What on earth does that mean???? I asked her, and she just said the same, you’re not that fancy.

I’d be lying if I said that this didn’t bother me a bit.  I love the way children can be very black and white about things, and always think they say it as it is.  Well, that means that I’m not that fancy!  What does it mean to be fancy, is it the clothes? shoes? make-up? jewellery? car? Is it all about appearance?

I’m quite a ‘lazy’ person when it comes to make-up, if I have time or can be bothered then I’ll put some on but some days I don’t.  I wear clothes that are comfy, but I like to think not frumpy and quite on trend and if I’m going to be chasing after children then heels aren’t really my first choice!  When I do get dressed up and put on make-up, it makes me feel really lovely and is always noticed, but realistically, I couldn’t do that every day.

Today  I met a dear friend for a long overdue cuppa and catch up.  I’ve know her since my pre-children days and we have children similar ages.  She always looks lovely and today was no different.  She had make-up on -but not loads, clothes right on trend – but not too young, and even though she has 4 children, looks well rested and fresh faced and is always cheery.  If she wasn’t so nice and my friend, I’m pretty sure I’d want to poke her eyes out.

It’s become a bit of a running joke between us, I’ve NEVER seen her in trainers or even flat shoes.  We are completely different people and on any other day, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid but today I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a little meltdown.   I know my body grew a PERSON just over 12 months ago (and 5 previous to that) and that’s amazing BUT you know I think it’s ok to be a bit body stress after having children, because sometimes that the actual reality.

When I left my friend, obviously I went a bought a new jumper, because that’s going to make everything better, and phoned Mr H.  God love him, he is marvellous and did try to say the right things but it doesn’t really matter if you don’t feel it.

So I now have the motivation (after a mini meltdown in Lidl) to completely cull my wardrobe, which is long overdue anyway as I do have an obscene amount of clothes (half of which I’m sure don’t even fit).  I’m going to fall in love all over again with my new mamma body.  I don’t want to be fancy, just happy with what I’ve got!


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3 thoughts on “Not That Fancy”

  1. Isn’t it funny when kids just say it straight out to us? I mean, I enjoy honestly but can we tone it down a bit?! Just kidding! I love that my kids can tell me things that others would never say. Sometimes being able to go out and buy a new wardrobe and redefine ourselves is just what a momma needs!

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday!

  2. Here is a cyber hug coming right at you((())))!!! Not that fancy! Well, you’re a lot of other things and who cares about the fancy part? It’s really not practical as you said. I wasn’t all that fancy while raising my family either. I got an out of the home job as my kids started leaving the nest and I loved getting fancied up every day. But truth be told after 3 years it gold old. I missed my sweats and comfy shoes. So I quit and took up blogging. Do what feels right in your heart and all the rest will work its way out.


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