My Lucky #6

This little fella amazes me, I know every mother thinks and says the same of their baby but seriously, he does!  He is the baby I never thought I’d have after a devestating ectopic pregnancy, and who I  look at everday and am so grateful he is here and healthy.

My pregnancy, like all the others was text book.  I suffered morning sickness for months and never really felt the “glow” but actually out of all my pregnancies this was the most enjoyable.  The days and week flew by and some days we were so busy I almost forgot I was pregnant.   I didn’t have a huge bump and actually enjoyed being pregnant for the first time.

With all my other pregnancies I reached the lovely stage of eating everything, especially anything sweet but with #6, nope I couldn’t eat anything sweet and actually towards the end of the pregnancy I was actually losing weight because I had lost all appetite.

At 32 weeks I was diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis (ICP).  Normally, bile acids flow from your liver to your gut to help you digest food.   In ICP, the bile acids don’t flow properly and build up in your body instead.  This put me at a high risk for stillbirth, premature labour and turning yellow!  I also had too much fluid around the baby (Polyhydramnios) which put me at a higher risk of premature labour and a prolapsed umbilical cord.  I was put on medication, vitamin K tablets and cream to ease the itching, had blood tests and monitoring twice a week for the next 4 weeks and was then induced.   The labour was quick (35 mins) just like with the others but unfortunately the placenta didn’t come away and I haemorrhaged, losing just under 2 litres of blood.  I was rushed into surgery and unbeknown to me Milo was taken to NICU because he was having trouble breathing.  I didn’t see or hold him until the following day.

We had the most amazing midwife who took photos of those first precious moments that I missed and I’ll be eternally grateful to her for that – and for the liquid morphine!

Obviously this wasn’t something we had thought was going to happen as all my other labours were quick, straightforward and we were straight home again.  Both me and Milo were very lucky to be alive.  For the next 9 weeks Mr H looked after me and all our 6 children, he was amazing.  I never thought that I could love him anymore, but honestly he was my superman (sorry, a bit gooey).


Milo was small and fragile and over the following weeks he developed chest, throat and lung infections one after another, and we were back and forth to the hospital.   But today, he is a healthy, happy and unbelievably loved little man; I cannot put into words how much he is loved by his older brothers and sisters.  Seeing the way they are with him really is the most amazing reward as a mother.

My liver has returned to normal and my blood levels are slowly improving.

So you see, Milo really is my lucky #6 .  When I look at him not only do I see a gorgeous baby boy (who I was convinced was a girl all through the pregnancy) who I am so grateful is here and healthy.  But I also feel unbelievable pride in how my older children adore him, I feel an overwhelming love for the most amazing man who really was the glue who held us all together, my superman, and I am reminded that I am incredibly lucky to be here.




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