My Baby Is One!

I’ve been in denial about Milo turning one for the last few weeks, but at the weekend the day arrived and I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  My baby is one!

Over the last seven days he has changed dramatically, taking his first steps, learning to climb on to the sofa and even managed to climb onto the table!  He is growing and changing every day, right before my eyes.   It’s a huge milestone to reach and I know everyone says it, but where has it gone?!?

I spent the day saying “this time last year…” and replayed the whole day over and over again.  I feel amazed that the year has gone so fast, happy that he is healthy and happy, proud and equally sad that he is already one, it really was quite an emotional day for me.

Needless to say that he (unsurprisingly) had absolutely no idea what was going on!  The children were so excited, there were balloons, party hats and banners everywhere.  To be honest, it was as much for the others as it was for him.  He needed help to open his presents and there was no short supply of willing siblings!



We decided to have a go at the popular “cake smash”.  Now anyone who knows me well, will know that I am not a great fan of any kind of food mess.  I find feeding Milo enough so the thought of letting him lose with a whole cake did make me a bit panicky.  However in the spirit of “yeah I’m chilled” I thought, well he will only be one once!

So, we put down a table cloth on the kitchen floor, put on his party hat and gave him his birthday cake.  I had made a simple Victoria Sponge and thinking that he’d never eaten much cake before I thought he would dive in.  Nope, he crawled straight past it!

He looked at it, took a finger lick of icing and wasn’t interested.



I thought maybe if he was in his highchair, he’d understand that the cake was to eat, but nope again not interested.



Considering that he only ate a small piece of the icing, he still managed to get it in his hair and ears.

The whole day was in fact a bit overwhelming for him and his big (little) brother



So now, Milo is one heading fast to toddlerville.  I plan on grabbing and enjoying every single minute of the adventure that is my baby before he’s off to school!

Have you tried the cake smash and was it more successful for you?

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