Larger Family Christmas

The things I love most about Christmas are food, family/friends and of course presents!  It’s a time for magic on the most spectacular scale with people coming together and showing impressive acts of kindness and love.

Having a larger family makes the festive season even better, and here are my top 5 reasons:-

We have a ready made party, without having to invite anyone round!

With a family of 8 every occasion/birthday is a party.  Put up some balloons, party poppers and banners and da da da you have a party right there.  You don’t have to worry about asking anyone else, and at times (let’s be honest) you don’t want to have to ‘entertain’ other people but if you do, it’s not long before you’re into double figures – the more the merrier!


Want To Play A Game?

Christmas is the board game and Let’s Dance season in our house and there is always someone who wants to play.  There doesn’t need to be any compulsory Mum and Dad playing (although Mr H doesn’t need to be asked twice and is a Let’s Dance Ninja!) as there’s enough children to play.  One year we a had Sing Star competition, it’s surprising how competitive you can get against your own children (and husband!).


Soooo Many Presents

No, not all for me, in fact very few of them are for me or Mr H but combined the family present count is HUGE.  8 people, an average of 7 presents each = 56 presents under the tree, and I can tell you that looks pretty special.


There Is Always Food

We have a huge number of buffets over the festive period and it’s always an impressive spread.  These are my favourite mealtimes, we have proper party food where cheese and pineapple on a stick are compulsory.  Whether it’s leftovers, food specially prepared, a present we’ve been given or snuffled food from Nanny’s house we have food galore.  There’s always someone willing to prepare it (put it on a plate) and eat it!  Chances are with 6 children, someone will always be hungry.


We’re All Believers

For the past 15 years there’s always been a tiny person in our house, so there is always Christmas magic by the bucket full.  For the ones who have reached ‘that age’ they keep the magic alive for the younger ones and join in with all the fun.


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