It’s Ok To Have A “Meh” Day

We've all had one of these days haven't we? It's a lovely sunny day outside and your life is skipping along quite nicely, no dramas, you've nothing major to complain about yet you feel like you got caught in the rain (usually on the school run!) and you're soaked through to your knickers.

You don't want to get out of bed. You don't want to tidy up (again). You don't want to cook tea. You don't want to move off the sofa. You don't want to make polite conversation. Sometime life and all it's hectic day to day 'things' makes you feel a bit off. These are the days when we should be kind to ourselves and prioritise what's important for that day. It's ok to not hoover or dust and this is why we have fishfingers and chips in the freezer.

There's much more awareness today about mental health and depression. I have suffered with post-natal depression so I'm well aware of how it can make you feel and am always very conscious of my mental wellbeing. There is a difference between "meh" days and "meh" weeks or months.

Getting out of the house to walk the dog or to do the school run can actually make you feel better. Having something to occupy you can change the day. The benefits of being active and in the fresh air have been widely reported. Sometimes you just need to indulge the 'meh' day and give in, be kind to yourself and do as little as is possible. Tomorrow is another day where you'll feel differently and unfortunately, unless you have a fairy godmother, all your household chores will still be there!

The best medicine I think, a cup of tea and gossip with your friends (even better if there's cake) because there's no one in this world that hasn't had a "meh" day!

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