Buried In Clothes

One thing about having a large family is the amount of clothing that we have floating around. Not just waiting to be washed or put away but also clothes that children have grown out of.

I find doing the washing really satisfying and am quite organised, but tend to shuffle piles of clean washing around for a few days before actually putting it away. I start with good intentions. I get up and sort the clothes on my bed ready to put away and then seem to forget all about them! They’re still there when I go to get in bed, I move them back on to the floor and repeat this for a few days usually until someone asks for a clean school t-shirt!

It’s the clothes that the children have grown out of that is the problem.  It’s a full time job keeping their wardrobes sorted out.  Children grow so quickly out of clothes, nothing seems to get worn so the clothes are still in great condition.  I keep anything that can be used again for younger children, and that’s a lot of clothes!

We are drowning in clothes; we have bin bags in the garage, piles of clothes in the bottom of wardrobes, bags of clothes that we have no one to grow into, clothes which I have no use for but just can’t bring myself to part with and clothes that I’m going to be creative with and turn into something else!


So now I’m on a mission to completely cull the clothes in our house. I am going to donate, sell and re-home anything that isn’t being worn. I’ve put some of the designer clothes on Ebay to make a little bit of money (to buy more!) and this is great, if you can be bothered to package and post the clothes.  Car boots are great as well but I find that I buy just as much as I sell and the weather’s not that great at the moment.

Having a good clear out is very therapeutic and it’s always great to clear a bit of space with an ever expanding family isn’t it.  What do you do with clothes that your children have outgrown?

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