Valentines Stick Arrangement

February is the month of love and with almost no cost you can make a lovely wrapped stick arrangement.  This activity is a great excuse to explore the woods to collect sticks.

This is a really easy activity to do and the beauty of it is that because the sticks are all different shapes and sizes it looks really effective

You’ll need:-

  • sticks (at least as thick as your finger);
  • red & pink wool;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard.

Start by tying the wool at the end of the stick then begin winding the wool around the stick until you’re happy with the section (about 1″-2″).  Tie and cut off and repeat with the next colour.

Add some cardboard hearts to the sticks and them put them in a vase or jar.

The children really enjoyed winding the wool around the sticks.  Some were wound more carefully than others, but that didn’t matter because they all looked great.

Happy Valentines!

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