To Buy The “Tat” Or Not?

With Christmas only just over 8 weeks away you can’t escape the Christmas gift guides and adverts on the TV.  For children the excitement of Christmas is all about the magic of Father Christmas and presents.

Our children need nothing but want everything and anything that pops up on the TV or they find in the Argos book.  We still have 3 of the children’s birthdays before Christmas and New Year and in the past I have found myself buying things just for the sake of having something they could open.

It was recently my daughter’s birthday and there was nothing in particular that she wanted and I was really stumped on what to buy for her.  Again, she just wanted things to open but I didn’t want to add to the mountain of plastic tat that we already have.  And it’s not cheap either!

In our family we always put more emphasis on birthdays than Christmas so always spend a bit more on their special day than at Christmas.  I decided to be practical and bought clothes, stationery and arty things, a new reading book, a night light and gave her some money.  She’s old enough to know the value of money and would enjoy a shopping trip, just her and either me or Mr H to get exactly what she wanted.



For Christmas I am going to be sensible, yes they’ll have things to open in their stockings but they will only have one main present.  Presents for nieces and nephews will be useful and not toys.  I love it when the children get PJ’s that they can wear for months rather than a toy that gets lost under the mountain of tat, or a book they can read over and over again.  Things to use outside in the garden are a great idea too or a board game to play together as a family.

Over the years, with an ever growing family we have had to become clever about what presents we buy, they have to go somewhere and the house is only getting smaller as these little people get bigger.

What are you buying this year?


Author: Allabouthurr

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8 thoughts on “To Buy The “Tat” Or Not?”

  1. I’m an absolute sucker for buying too much! I’m an advertisers dream 😂 my daughters birthday was 2 months ago, so she has everything she needs… yet I’ve already got her 3 presents! But she is only 1… hopefully when she’s older I can follow your lead and avoid the tat!

  2. Want need wear read.
    Also a family game as we always had this when I was growing up. Stockings have practical presents in such as socks, tights, bubble bath, hair bands. Hubby’s stocking gets mini jams, pates, cheeses. I also out together a cooking themed box such as bread making, sushi making for him.

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