Marshmallow Play dough

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find this recipe for marshmallow play dough – yes that’s right a play dough that is made from marshmallows, and that you can eat!

As a parent I have spent many days playing play dough and then finding it all over the furniture and picking it out of the carpet. We’ve made our own before, you know the salty one that smells a little bit odd? It was great because I could throw it away when the children mixed it together and made a lovely brown colour.  I’m sure I can’t be the only parent that spends all their time saying “don’t mix the colours together!”.

This recipe couldn’t be simpler; a jar of Marshmallow Fluff (you can melt marshmallows but this is easier!) and 250g icing sugar!

Empty the marshmallow fluff into a bowl and add the icing sugar (I added 1 cup at a time).  It’s very sticky, but keep mixing until it makes a non-sticky dough.  If you add too much icing sugar and the mixture is too dry you can add a few drops of oil.  I found I didn’t need to do this.

It was a lot easier to use your hands once you reached a semi-formed dough.  You can use food colouring to change the colour if you want, but remember this will make the dough wet again.


Any Bake Off fans may remember that Candice made this as a fondant roll out icing for one of her cakes and this recipe would be great for that too – It is quite sweet but very pliable and tastes lovely!

The children did a combination of playing, eating and icing biscuits with the dough and really did enjoy doing something a little bit different to standard play dough.




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