He’s Going To Be 1!

In the last 11 months we have not only become welcomed our sixth baby, but have also moved house and taken our first aeroplane trip as a family of 8 amongst many other day-to-day dramas.  It’s not surprising that time has flown by as we are so busy but I still find it hard to believe that in just under 3 weeks, my little man will be 1!

As we have quite a few toys already, I’ve been thinking about what to buy for him.  I want to get something special as it’s first birthday but also something that we haven’t already got.  So here are my favourite ideas:-

Grimm’s Rainbow



How great is this?!? I’ve had my eye on this for a while now, it would look wonderful in Milo’s room.  The possibilities for creative play with this are endless, they can be used as tunnels, fences, bridges, shelters or just stacking them.  This is definitely something that Milo can continue to use as his grows.


Wooden Shape Sorter

wooden colour shape

Milo loves putting things in and out of boxes and stacking blocks.  This teaches numbers, shapes and colours and helps develops fine motor skills.  Wooden toys look lovely and last really well.


Handmade Car Walker


Milo is pulling himself up on anything and cruising along the furniture.  He needs a little bit of help steadying himself and what better way than with a red car, perfect for any little boy!  This is great as he can fill it with blocks and toys and use as a trolley as he gets older so isn’t just a walker and looks really cool.




This is absolutely gorgeous and something that could be used for several years.  He’s maybe a little bit too small to use it to it’s full potential at the moment.  A quiet space for reading, hiding and playing in, a space for imagination to grow.  We often build dens in the garden but this is something that would look fantastic in Milo’s bedroom.  A great hideaway for a little fella.


A Memory Box

memory box

This isn’t something that I’ve done with any of my other children but I actually wish I had!  Close family and friends can write a letter to Milo for him to read when he’s older (maybe 18?)  I know that the children would love to do this.  He would know how much he was loved when he was too tiny to remember and God Forbid that if anyone isn’t around when he is older, he will have a lasting memory of them.  You could also add a newspaper from his birthday, photos, an about the day the weather etc, what we did.

What are your best 1st Birthday present ideas?


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