Moving On – The Yr 6 Class of 2018

We all know what people mean when they talk about the first year, terrible 2’s and the first day of school but what people don’t talk so much about is the emotional rollercoaster that is Year 6!

The final year of primary school where suddenly the little girl you took on her first day nervous and not wanting to leave your side is suddenly the big fish, confident, clever and ready to move on (even if you’re not!).

It’s a year of letting go with residentials, trips, SAT’s exams, school awards, leaver’s plays, parties and assemblies that are all subconsciously preparing you for the last day of primary school and leave even the toughest of people an emotional wreck.  The conversations of “when did they get so big?” that make you sad and proud in equal measures.

The class of children that have been your child’s daily  life for 7 of their 11 years, growing and learning together that they will no longer share their days with.  The parents that although you perhaps don’t know them well, provide comfort with their familiar faces and “morning” on the school run.   After 7 years of the same routine, going to the same school (I’ve done 11, with another 10 to go!) we all become comfortable with life.  So although I will still be trudging the pavement, I will be without my ray of sunshine.

Yes, I’ve been here before, shouldn’t it be easier?  You’d think so!  I’ve been here for the first time with our eldest when we actually had no idea of what was happening and it was quite exciting.  I’ve been here with my eldest daughter, when her move to high school couldn’t have come soon enough after a really tough few years with peers, and we were celebrating.  To be here with our middle daughter is completely different and knowing what is coming isn’t always a good thing!

Whilst I feel sad that this chapter is coming to an end, I am so proud of the confident, clever, kind and hardworking young lady that has grown so much over the last 7 years.  I am excited for what is waiting for her and can’t wait to hear about all the adventures that are coming.

So with two more school runs of the year left, I will be waking a bit slower, holder her hand a little bit tighter and kissing her cheek a little longer with my goodbye because in September it’s time to move on again.

Hare We GoGo!

Following on from the hugely successful GoGoGorillas! In 2013 and GoGoDragons! In 2015, Norfolk based children’s charity Break has again teamed up with Wild in Art to deliver a mass participation public art sculpture trail. 

For 11 weeks during the summer (24th June- 8th September) you can hunt out 50 hare sculptures in the city of Norwich and 18 around the beautiful county of Norfolk.  There are a further 164 baby hares, or leverets, that form the learning programme of the project, called GoGoCreate.  Schools (including Cawston Primary Academy, Lyng Primary, Hainford Primary, St Faith’s Primary to name a few) community groups and sports clubs have decorated their own baby hare and you can find them all over Norwich.

Norwich and Norfolk have so much to offer and you can use the hares to help you plan a summer of days out.  From the beach at Great Yarmouth, Cromer or Hemsby to the Norfolk broads where you can take a cruise on the water.  You can cycle, walk or have a picnic whilst exploring what our wonderful city has to offer. 

Inevitably over the summer holidays there are things that you need to do and that’s not always easy with children.  Having something like the GoGoHares trail keeps the children occupied making going into the city and getting jobs done a lot easier from hunting for a super hero to laughing at a funny bunny!  It’s great fun for all the family.  You can get yourself a copy of the GoGoHares map from The Forum, Norwich and tick them off as you find them and if you’re feeling flush you can bid for your favourite hare at the charity auction on 11th October.

For more information visit GoGoHares