My Nanny’s Shortcakes

When I was younger we would go to my Nanny and Grandad’s house every Saturday morning, and without fail my Nanny would have made shortcakes.  Now my Nanny was far from a baker, in fact she was actually rubbish at cooking anything, vegetables were always boiled to a pulp and she once went to the supermarket asking the fishmonger for mong-e-trout!She was however the only person I know who can eat a whole box of Magnums and still want more and was the queen of Mars Bar Cake and Shortcakes!

When I moved out, my mum (who is an amazing cook, taught by her Nanny!) gave me a recipe book with all of my favourite things in, as well as her go to recipes.  Nanny’s Shortcakes were right at the front!  The taste and smell remind me of really happy times with two of the most important people who have shaped my life.


  • 1lb of self raising flour;
  • 2 oz marge;
  • 3 oz caster sugar;
  • sultanas;
  • egg;
  • milk;
  • extra caster sugar to dust the top.


Put flour, sugar and marge into a bowl and rub together (like you would for scones) until there is no marge left.  Add a handful of sultanas.  Crack one egg into a separate bowl and make up to 1/2 pint with milk.  Add to the dry mixture and mix together.  It can be quite wet, but that’s ok.

Put onto a lined baking tray and flatten with a spatula or knife.  Sprinkle caster sugar over the top and bake for 15-20 mins (until brown).  Sprinkle more caster sugar on the top when it’s taken out of the over and still hot.  Let it cool (but not too much as they are delicious hot) and cut into pieces.

The corners are by far the best pieces to get and we’ve had many fights over them.  I even remember my Nanny seeing us pull in her drive and her hiding a corner in the kitchen drawer so she’d get one as we would always take them all!

They are best eaten on the same day, which lets be honest, isn’t really a problem is it?!



Summer Infant Pop ‘N’ Sit Portable Booster Seat

Now that the sunshine seems to finally be here we spend a huge amount of time in the garden and eat outside whenever we can.  We very rarely have a mealtime when someone doesn’t spill a drink, outside it doesn’t matter – I love it!

We usually take the highchair into the garden, which isn’t ideal but obviously not a huge problem.  However, I’ve found a great solution without having to do this.  The Summer Infant Pop ‘N’ Sit booster seat is great and so far we have used it in the garden, indoors, at friends houses and even to have a picnic in the woods.

It’s brilliant, Milo is safe and secure and he can eat or just play with toys on the tray.  I can’t tell you the amount of times that we’ve been out for lunch or in a coffee shop and there’s been no highchair and I’ve either had to have leave Milo in the buggy or balance him on my knee (which is not ideal with an 18 month old who wants to be independent).  The seat has straps so you can attach it to any adult chair so he can be at the table as well – problem solved!

It folds and fits into a carry bag and fits easily under the buggy.  I keep ours in the boot of the car, so I’ve always got it with me.  Let’s be honest, you never know when you might need it.

The Good Bits:-

  • Lightweight, folding frame sets up in seconds, perfect for feeding or playtime
  • Detachable, dishwasher safe tray
  • Includes 3-point safety harness and chair safety straps for use on adult chair
  • Convenient carrying case makes this booster perfect for a day in the park, at the beach, or trip to a friends house
  • Up to 3 years, max 15 Kg

Being Nit Picky:-

  • When Milo is sitting in the chair with the tray on, he can push it off which is not ideal when his tea is on it!

If you’re looking for something to take out and about to make life a little easier when it comes to eating and playing safely, or just something that means you can drink a hot drink uninterrupted, then this is a great buy.




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