A Kind Word

We had to be up and out fairly early this morning to get my daughter to a birthday party. I have to be honest, I literally got up, washed got dressed, sorted children and left and was feeling a little bit rough around the edges!

I think everyone was tired after a busy week and the car journey was full of bickering and tears, coupled with my grogginess after a restless night with my mini dude it wasn’t the calmest of trips.

So when another mum said “you look great, have you been dieting?” I honestly could have cried, I hugged her! I have not been dieting, quite the opposite in fact during the holidays and to be honest I was already having a day when everything seemed hard work and I’d changed three times as the clothes didn’t “look” right. I am still carrying baby weight and was ok with that, but her comment really did make me feel good about myself.

We all have parts of us that we’re not happy with but the truth is we don’t see ourselves how others do.

So lovely mum friend (you know who you are!) thank you for taking time to say something that really did cheer me up in a moment when it was very much needed. You put a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

The Best Breakfast

Every school holidays we try and go out for breakfast together, we always head to the same place – The Premier Inn! It’s great, children eat for free (up to 2 children for every adult) so we pay £17.98 for 6 of us and then an extra £4.00 for the extra child – how good is that!?!

And the best bit is, it’s all you can eat buffet! There is everything you can think of from fruit, yoghurt, pastries, pancakes, full English, toast, crumpets, cereal and it goes on. It’s all fresh and tastes good too! There’s a Costa hot drinks machine where you can have unlimited coffees or tea and fruit juices. And again for us (family of 8) it only cost £21.98!

If you are a larger family I’d definitely recommend going here, we fill up on breakfast and then normally don’t feel hungry again until tea. Today after breakfast we headed to Amazona Zoo and we didn’t spend a penny on food/snacks as no one was hungry – great, hey!

Bearing in mind just how much food children can eat, this has got to be the best value for money I’ve ever come across – and best kept secret!

6 Reasons to have 6 Children

The usual response when people hear I have 6 children is either:-

“Are they all yours?”

“Are you mad?”

“You should get a TV”

“Were they accidents?”

So here are my 6 reasons for having 6 children:-

It’s Cheaper –  When you have your first child it can be expensive buying everything you need.  Number 2, 3, you have all the main things already so no great expense.  I look at our swinging crib and smile because it’s been used for all of our six children (and my niece and nephews) and hopefully it will be home for our grandchildren one day.  The clothes hand-me-downs are fabulous too (if you don’t get rid of everything because  “you’re done!”)

Play mates – You can’t play a decent board game with just 2 people but 4 or 6? brilliant!  They always have someone to play with and often disappear in the garden playing games together for hours.  Yes, of course they argue and fight but they are outweighed by the good times.

You’re Not Sleeping Anyway – Once you are a parent you don’t sleep, have a social life or sometimes enough energy to function.   If you’ve gone from 1 to 2 children then the hard part is done, another 2 or 3 children is not going to change your life drastically as you’re already in parenting land.

It’s Nearly Impossible to Spoil Them – I’m not saying that only children are spoilt but it’s quite a challenge to spoil a child when you’re looking after 5 others as well.  I won’t buy the same toys for different children and everything they have they share.  They have learnt to get snacks and drinks for themselves and each other and in turn I think this makes them independent, kind children (sometimes).

You Grow In Confidence – Yes, all children are different but I feel that by number 6 I have some clue about what I’m doing.  I’m certainly more confident in myself and what I’m doing than I was when I had my first and surely that means happier children?

No Old People’s Home for Me! – Between the six of them, surely one of them will take me in or they can just pass me around from house to house (I don’t mind). The odds are surely in my favour!

Ed’s Castle On The Hill

So today we packed up a picnic and headed to Framlingham Castle, Ed’s castle on the hill. We’re members of the English Heritage so we get in for free (it’s actually more expensive to pay to get in than buy a membership).


Yes, there was a castle on the hill, a very buggy unfriendly hill!  You will need a baby carrier and a lot of energy, it’s a workout up and down the steps and hills.  The castle and surroundings are worth it though and you can spend a couple of hours exploring the grounds.


Inside the castle there were lots of activities for the children, how to be a princess/knight, dressing up and my guys favourite, a slide which was nearly as high as the castle!  You can also climb to the top of the castle and walk around.  There was of course a café for compulsory tea and cake, gift shop and a great area to have your picnic.  You can take dogs too (on leads) shame as we’d left Pup at home.



If like me you were thinking there would be some mention or shrine to the man himself, you will be disappointed as there was nothing.  Clearly though we weren’t the only crazies singing “castle on the hill” as we wondered around as it was packed out.  Thanks Ed for sharing this lovely place with us


A great place to visit if you don’t mind a bit of a drive.